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Rascals Lyons Mardi Gras    Krewe Of Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL Mardi Gras Time Club Louisiana Festivals Les Marionnettes (Ball Only)
Mecca Krewe of Mid City Minerva Mokana Knights of Momus Krewe of Morpheus Muse Mystic Stripers Mobile Alabama Miscellaneous Small
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Nomtoc Krewe of Jugs Neptune  Golden Meadow, LA Okeanos Octavia Orpheus Pan Pegasus Perseus Krewe of Slidell, LA Phoenix Police
Poseidon Progressive Carnival Club Proteus Rex Romulus and Remus Saints NFL Football New Orleans, LA Saturan  Kenner, LA
Shangri    LA SouthDown Baton Rouge Krewe  Sprites St. Joseph's Day Selena Terreanians Thor Krewe of Thoth Top of the Mart Tucks
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1985 Hermes Silver Aluminum Doubloon $0.50
1985 Hermes Gold Aluminum Doubloon $0.50
1985 Hermes .999 Fine Doubloon