Doubloon Lingo Link
© 2006 Rafael D. Monzón
anodizing (coloring) process is especially neat; doubloons are not dyed or painted the different
colors.  The doubloons are placed in a special wash in which the ions of color are chemically bonded to the
surface of the coins.
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High Relief  -  the image on the doubloon is raised higher than on a regular doubloon by
Antique Bronze - A heavy bronze doubloon that is not shiny, but aged looking. By
Cracked Obverse -
Crack die -  caused when a crack forms in the die during the minting process or when one already
cracked is used to mint the doubloons,) the "line" visible on the doubloon can vary a bit in size and sharpness.
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Clashed doubloons - ...If you notice, most doubloons have a smooth background - that is unclashed.  If a
doubloon is clashed, you will notice that the surface of the doubloon is not flat and smooth, but sometimes
squiggly or raised in some parts like hills or mountains on a globe's surface. caused by die shifting during the
minting process.
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Brushed (alum)... not shiny, but has appearance of a duller more "brushed" look by
Inverted is basically upside down or crooked. By (
Nickel - (ABV NIC) - Made out of the metal Nickel
Obverse - The area behind the picture.
Plain edge/Reeded edge... look at the edge of the doubloon,, is it smooth or reeded (bumpy). by
Oxidized (silver)... a heavy doubloon that is dull silver in appearance by (
NKA -  Not Krewe Authorized. Doubloon was not made by the Krewe but made by some else.  Sometime the
King or Queen gets their own doubloons made.
Wood -  (AKA Wooden Nickel) The doubloon is made of wood in stamped with a color ink.  Sometime a
color of the ink make the wood rare rare. (e.g.) 2008 Red Ink Morphoues King
H.A.S.  -  H Alvin Sharpe - The Father of the modern day doubloon.  He made the First doubloon in 1959 for
the 1960 Rex Parade.
999 -  The Doubloon is made of 99.9 % Pure Fine Silver
Hex (Hexagonal) e The doubloon's rim is modified to make the edge have 6 sides
Flutted (FLU)-  Normally Refering to the Rim of the doubloons look or designed.
SCL -  (Scalloped) Normally Refering to the Rim of the doubloons look or designed.
Plain Edge-smooth edge, like a penny - By Rowacat  -
Reeded Edge-like a dime or quarter. - By Rowacat  -
Plain- standard throw along with gold, plain is actually silver coloured anodized aluminum. - By Rowacat  -
High Relief-much more detail and higher main design than normal doubloons, can be on both aluminum
(often 10 ga) and heavies. 999 FS are usually high relief by default. . -
By Rowacat  -
Antique Bronze- bronze with artificial patina, can be light or dark, smooth or satin. - By Rowacat  -
Oxidized Silver-silver plated bronze with the silver toned anywhere from light to dark, often a satin finish, a
few krewes evenly flatten the tops of the design for these for a smooth look. . -
By Rowacat  -
Brushed-has a soft brushed satin like surface instead of the usual brightly anodizd surface. Usually very
carefully done surfaces.. -
By Rowacat  -
Dual -a bright *metallic* anodized colour on the main krewe design, the field is very soft satin as is the
reverse and done in a diff complementory colour. Like gold over green. Very Striking Type.. -
By Rowacat  -