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Calling All  Doubloon Collectors
"Where did the collector in you come from?"
     New Orleans, Louisiana ......August 9, 2005      Sitting around thinking the other day, I was looking back
on the days when my collecting days started. So when the editor of Mardi Gras Digest sent me an email asking for
my assistance in writing articles about the subject, there was no better place to start than to recap the days when I
really started in the Hobby.

I am the son of an antique dealer, or what some might call a junk collector. I think her business was a spin-off of her
collecting. One of her best collections, that I can remember, was her doubloon collection. It seemed to me that she
had all of the doubloons that were ever made. I could just sit and look at them. I loved the ones that had the
laminate covers and all of the different colors.  
She would tell me stories about, how there were very large, live swap meetings, and how doubloons were
highly sought after. Common doubloons were all of the rage.  Even to the point,  that there were doubloons
that people would reproduce to make a buck off an unknowing person.
I remember from a very young age. We would run from parade to parade, enjoying the fun.
One weekend would be the parades, on the Westbank of New Orleans – Cleopatra, Choctaw,
and Alla. Then the following weekend we would go uptown to the different parades- Mid-City
...  She would have all the different routes planned to maximize the number of parades that we
could see.
The most sought after items at the different parades were the common doubloons. My 3 brothers and I were
instructed to get a set of all the different colors. We would run after the floats yelling, "doubloon! - doubloon!"
My father would try to keep up. We would see a shower of doubloons fly up in the air and rain down on the
crowd or the street.  All the different colors would shine in the sunlight, and then the crowds would seem to hit
the ground, together, after the doubloons.
We were taught never to go down to the ground. We had to put our foot softly over the color that we were
looking for.  Mother told us that if we would put our weight on the doubloons, it would scratch the doubloon. I
think the real reason was that we did not stomp on people’s fingers that were going after the same doubloon.
Once mom got her set, the rest were ours to play with.
The doubloons were really fun to play with. They would make lovely sounds hitting together. It was cool to put
them inside of a can, as we did, to make even more noise. There is no toy today, in my opinion, that could keep
a kid more entertained than the noise and giggling of a set of doubloons.
Now that I am older, I started to become more interested in doubloons again. My collection from my youth
was gone, or I just did not remember were it was stuck in my mother’s attic.
I started to collect specific types of doubloons.  The first type of doubloon that I collected was a .999 Fine
Silver doubloon with a dragon on the back - 1969 Pegasus, 1983 Endymion, and 1969 Krewe of Dragons. I
started to visit Chris Schayot because I know that he had a very large number of doubloons for sale.  (9 year
prior he made my wife’s wedding ring).
When my Mother saw that I was truly interested, in collecting again, she handed me, what was left of her
collection.  She had sold of the majority of the “Krewe” doubloons, and all the lovely “Cloisonné” Doubloons.
Now, my mission is to restore her collection back to the former grandeur of it’s past.
Now, my collection is over 15,000 doubloons. I run a free internet swapping forum at To top it off, I am a member of the Crescent City Doubloon Traders. I get emails
from my website day after day with people all over the country that has just inherited doubloon collections. The
first question out of their mouth is how much is it worth. The second is either, where can I get some more or where
can I sell it.
To me, there are three different types of collectors.
1) The common date collector. (The majority of collectors fall into this area in someway)
2) The high end collector from the past. (These guys have almost all the doubloons except the most odd or
expensive ones.)
3) The rebirth collector (which I consider myself)
If the collection that you inherited is from a type 1, than the answer to how much it is worth is very little
because Type 2 and 3 collectors already have what you are selling.  You are more likely to get someone
wanting a 1990s doubloon than a 1970s doubloon.
Chris Schayot says that the majority of new collectors are the ones looking for the Cloisonné and other high end
doubloons because they remember these from their youth.
If you would like to talk doubloons, please email me? ( ) Meanwhile, I'd like to
engage the doubloon collectors out there.
© 2005-6  Rafael Monzon, All Rights Reserved.
Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mr. Rafael Monzon has had a life long passion for the hobby of doubloon collecting, in the
Crescent city. Urged on by his mother, he has amassed a collection of over 300 .999 fine silver doubloons, 15,000 common doubloons,
and over 300 bronze and Ox Silver doubloons. He is a member of the Crescent City Doubloon Traders Club as well as the Crescent
City Coin Club in New Orleans. He currently makes his living as an Electrical engineer, with a masters in Engineering management. He is
held in high regards by others as well as Mardi Gras in the field of collecting because of the time he has spent in the field.  
He is also the webmaster of the doubloon information and trading site,  and the Coin Club.
What Type of Collector Are You?
Pictured,  you will find 5 pictures of Rex 1960 Doubloon, can you tell me which one or ones that are fakes? Also, I
talked about Laminated Cloisonné Doubloon.  See attached picture of a Cloisonné. Finally, attached you will see a
picture of the 1969 Pegasus Doubloon?  It is my favorite.  Which doubloon is your Favorite?