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Paper Flips - Doubloon
Square white cardboard coin holder, most commonly called 2x2's, Doubloon Flips
or just Flips. You place Doubloon in the holder, fold it over, and staple or tape it
shut. The front and back of the Doubloon is visible and descriptions of the
Doubloons can be written on the holder. They are commonly stored in 20 pocket
binder pages or storage boxes.
- Inexpensive way to store, display, and protect your Doubloon.
- Window is made of crystal clear archival polypropylene
- Fits nicely inside 20 pocket binder pages
- Safe for long-term storage
- Size 2x2
- Window 36.5mm
Pro 20-Pocket Page
- Holds 20 - Doubloon 2 X 2 Flips
- Made of Heavyweight Polypropylene
- Strong Welds
- No PVC
- Made in USA
Replacement Ribbon Pin for Mardi Gras Krewe Favor Pins - $3.99 each
Same as the above with a nice carrier box
100 Doubloon
Flips Price $5.75
1,000 Doubloon
Flips Price $49
100 Doubloon Paper Flips with Box Price $9.50 Out of
10 Boxes of 100 Doubloon Paper Flips - Price  Out of
Price $1.25 a Page
Box of 100 Pages $69.99